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Hi there! We wish we could greet you in person, but most likely we're doing mom stuff.

We're 3 urban NYC moms, that’s true, but what you should know about us is that we're also friends, brought together by our passion helping other parents feel confident that they are giving their little ones just what they want and need every step of the way and at the same time care about the world their precious ones live in.  


As toys kept piling up in their apartments, Ella and Tal realized there must be a better way to minimize the number of toys and maximize their value. Partnering with Liz,  YaYa was established. Growing up in the startup nation with a strong background in data science, operations, and design added to tons of inspiration from our kids, we’re determined to make the world rethink toy ownership



Ella, Tal & Liz


YaYa is toys-as-a-service solution helps parents to fulfil their kids' ever-changing needs by offering a seamless, care-free toy's swapping experience. YaYa handles the entire process of delivering toys and returning, and sanitizing and preparing them for the next family to use. We offer high quality, educational large toy rental, or personalized boxes curated by human-assisted machine learning tools based on YaYa's families' input on their child's skills and preferences.

Our mission is to enable and empower parents to give their children the toy collections they dream of in an affordable and exciting way through subscription boxes deliveries. 

We are here to enrich and delight the next generation by offering a world-class toys experience- have everything but own nothing. YaYa offers products and information which help create developmental experiences in the lives of new babies, toddlers, young children and families. Children can play with real toys, gaining new skills and using their creativity and imagination as long as they wish for and parents benefit by getting their kids off the screens, save money, reduce clutter and conserve the environment as toys get recycled.  

We want to make sure your little one advances playtime and you have more time and space to enjoy your child.



As parents, we are determined to give our kids the best, right from birth. We are struggling to balance between being parents to prepare a stimulating environment and keep up with their development at every turn. Being frustrated with finding the appropriate toys to our own children as their interests and understanding change constantly, we realized there had to be a smarter way to play. Inspired by the growing interest in the sharing economy, eco-friendly environment and the belief life is a bouquet of experiences and not owned objects, we envisioned a service where every child gets a personalized set of toys and swap them every couple of weeks with a new set of toys delivered to his doorstep. 


We believe that the best way to support your child during their most formative years is to empower your knowledge. With YaYa, you can rest, knowing that you are giving your child the strongest foundation for learning with Montessori inspired, eco-friendly toys that were recommended by our advisors and child development experts.

We are excited to have you as part of our game, cannot wait to play with you.

YaYa is dedicated to making the world a better place. YaYa has recycled (and recyclable) packaging and committed to giving back through donating children's’ toys to children in need. 


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