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Sophie La Girafe Wooden Pyramid

Develop sorting and motor skills through play - encourage to develop coordination and sense of observation with these five wooden blocks stacking pyramid set.


Ramp Racer

Let your todller's imagination run wild! Ready, set, go! Let the cars go down and figure out which one will go the furthest.


Grimm’s Pull Along Truck

Let a classic pull-toy be your companion. Push truck forward or backward, pull along by the string, or use to carry small objects/toys, including the rainbow-colored blocks.


Mighty Band Musical

Get ready to move and groove with the beat! The Early Melodies Mighty Band is an all inclusive 5-in-1 percussion section, providing children hours of musical entertainment.


I Am Learning Touch

This little ladybug is ideal for helping your child to develop their sense of touch ! The 9 round pieces have different textures (relief, wood etching, cork, felt and Velcro) that will provide your child with endless fun.


If Animals Kissed Good Night

What if animals did what YOU do? This bestselling story imagines how animals would kiss their loved ones good night.


The benefit of reading

Reading teaches toddlers how the world around them works.
It is important to read at every stage of a child’s life.


About your toddler

At 18-month your toddler becomes more and more an independent child. Spending all this time at home can be productive in developing her skills- language, sensory, fine motor skills, and practical life. After explaining or even demonstrating, give your toddler an opportunity to work on their own. This will allow for deep focus while developing independence and confidence and when real work happens. 1. Match and fold socks- questions recommended- “Is it a big sock”, “Is it your sock”? Keep it as a “yes” “no” answer for now. If you tot is advanced and already know color recognition you can also ask “which color is it?” 2. Silverware sorting from the dishwasher (not surf ones and when it has been cooled). 3. Watering plants- with a small watering can (consider using a boat toy, a pitcher from a tea set, or measuring cup). Model for your child how to touch the soil of a plan to see if it’s dry and needs water and then invite her to check the soil herself. Show how to fill the watering can (only half full). Carry it with them to avoid spills. Show how to carefully pour the water into the soil of the plan. You can set this activity once a week, toddlers like routine. 4. Cooking or coping food- You can help your child hone basic math skills by doing something as simple as counting eggs or pouring water into a measuring cup. Improves fine motor skills when kneading dough, and help tots to explore their senses.

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