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Chicken Racing Car

Get in the race with this charming Chicken Racing Car! This adorable wooden vehicle comes with a vintage race car theme and features a turning wheel that gives the same movement as a real race car when turning around!


Pull Along Snail mono

Let a sleek and classic pull-toy be your companion. This fabulous snail has a mesmerising action as it slithers across the floor and encourage one's dexterity and confident mobility.


Sophie la girafe Wooden Pyramid

It is ideal for teaching your child colors, shapes and promoting imagination and creativity! Playing with these five wooden blocks stacking pyramid set develop sorting and fine motor skills through play.


Musical Shapes

Music-producing wooden activity toy will instantly capture your little one's attention.
Each set consists 4 different sounds for your child to enjoy- a washboard, tambourine, maraca, and clacker.


Musical Lili Llama

Jam on with the Musical Lili Llama from Manhattan Toy. This llama is loaded with musical fun and activities for toddlers.


Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

As everyone knows, nothing is sweeter than tiny baby fingers and chubby baby toes.


The benefit of reading

Reading teaches toddlers how the world around them works.
It is important to read at every stage of a child’s life.


Sensory activities to spark play + development

At 12-month your toddler is doing her first step to becoming an independent child. She is still in the “I want to stick everything in my mouth" stage but probably is also very eager to learn new things. Here are some top activities for 12-months old that encourage learning through play:
1. Empty a water bottle (drink up!) and then fill it with popcorn, rocks, rice, etc. Tape the cap on to be extra safe and you've got a homemade rattle.
2. Playing with food- You can “paint" a lot of fun things using yogurt or applesauce. And snack while you're at it. (There will be plenty of time to teach better table manners later.)
3. Cardboard tunnel- Save those Amazon boxes and craft a tunnel for her to crawl through.
4. Polka-dot sticker art- Using labeling “dot" stickers, let her create a masterpiece by sticking stickers to a blank piece of paper. They will love figuring out how the stickers work.
5. Vegetable peel play- While making dinner, let her play with those leftover potatoes, zucchini, and carrot peels. Tots love the different textures and fragrances.
The beauty of these activities is that they promote brain development, let the baby have fun, and usually give mama a few moments to have her hands to herself or even to drink hot coffee.

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