Personal makes perfect- YaYa Box reveal

Here is a sneak peek to a personalized YaYa toy box.


After completing the quiz on our website, our developmental expert team will select toys based on your little one’s playing preferences, loved activities, developmental stage, and skill set.

Here is a sneak peek to a YaYa toy box that was picked for one of our customers.


This box was sent to lovely Charlotte. An 18 months old toddler, living with her parents in the upper west side of NYC. Her mom, Megan shared with us that Charlotte is outgoing and loves imitating real life. "SHE IS ONLY 18 MONTHS OLD BUT SOMETIMES I FEEL SHE IS ALREADY 18 YEARS OLD!" says her mother.

Charlotte gets a confidence boost when she listens to music and dances around the house. Her artistic abilities shine when she creates arts and crafts at school. She finds answers to her curiosity by reading books. Her mom says she had the dexterity to open a board book and even flip the thick pages one at a time at around 9 months!

She is an only child but believes that her dog, Noah is her big brother.


After collecting all the information about Charlotte, the YaYa team picked 7 educational, high-quality, Montessori inspired toys to enrich Charlotte’s playtime while working on her development skills. Each toy was selected to improve a different development skill, create a new educational impact, and have an influence on Charlotte's specific skill set.

>> Charlotte is fascinated by science and busy exploring her environment constantly, therefore, a book that follows intrepid babies into the eye of the storm was a perfect match for this little curious girl.

Did you know more than 80 percent of both kids and parents love or like the read-aloud time a lot? And even more say that it's a special time with each other, according to the 7th edition of the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report.

>> Charlotte achieved a significant milestone and already walking, so there is nothing better than a classic pull-toy to be her companion. We’ve picked an adorable, handcrafted blue wooden truck that carries a cargo of big, flat colorful blocks.

>> Charlotte enjoys exploring melodies and rhythms. Musical Instruments will enhance her love for music. The musical play has been proven to ignite learning in all areas, including fine motor skills, social-emotional skills, and language development. It also promotes auditory development.

>> To answer Charlotte's endless curiosity and interest in anything that moves flashes or makes noise we picked a garbage truck toy. This toy will encourage her to understand and learn about the environment in a fun way. It is an important introduction to talking about an important issue – recycling and reuse.

>> Charlotte loves using her imagination while playing and imitating real-life situations.

A combination of an exciting railway and giving a ride to farmyard animals is a toy which offers a wonderful learning opportunity to identify each animal by their sounds and boost a child’s memory and problem-solving skill. This set is perfect for a creative toddler like her, who wants to start her budding engineer off on the right track.

>> Charlotte loves watching her mom taking care of the plants around the house so now she can do the same and grow her veg! Mixing and matching to create a carrot, beetroot, and radish for the win with her love for food.

Check it yourself! Click and explore which toys Charlotte got in her subscription box and learn more about the skills each toy develops.

THEN >> Get on board with YaYa’s fun and affordable toy subscription, where we’ll send you just the right toys for just the right time.


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