* Price shown is per one month of rent


The Smart Home Playground designed to enhance your children's motor skill development, balance control, creativity, and visual skills


  • NATURAL DEVELOPMENT: Once your child starts crawling, they are ready to climb. It's 100% natural and something humans are designed to do, even before we begin walking. Little Climber allows for both of your child's hands and feet to be active at all times, which makes the experience more organic. Children will just know what to do without prior introduction or practice.
  • BUILD CONFIDENCE & BALANCE: When your child is climbing, he is experiencing something brand new and his mind is currently overloaded with fresh information and newly discovered options. Speaking to your child in a relaxed, slow and comforting voice is will help your child focus on balance and body control, building muscle memory and refining their motor skills. 

Lily & River Little Climber

Rental period
    • RECOMMENDED AGE: +3 Months

    • MANUFACTURER: Lily & River 

    • MATERIALS: Premium Natural Walnut Bamboo Hardwood. 100% Non-Toxic, 0 VOC,  Hand Crafted in the USA. 
    • DIMENSIONS: 51.5 inches long | 30 inches wide | 24.5 inches tall at the highest point. 

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