Green Toys Airplane

The Green Toys Airplane is one aircraft Mother Nature is happy to clear for takeoff! This single-seater plane features a spinning propeller, two-wheeled landing gear, and racing stripes on its rounded wings.


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Green Toys


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Active play

Utilize the principle of small resistance, free wheel and inertia, just push the airplane forward slightly and then it goes up into the sky. After happily takeoff, your tot roll the toy along the floor and spin the propeller. Running around the room and helping it to stay up in the sky will improve your toddle's athletic ability. Child-sized vehicles toys help build strength, confidence, balance ,and creativity.

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Push & pull

Infinitely better than it's lurid plastic cousins this toy is tactile, fun and with high style. Equipped with a gentle design to allow an easy grasp for the little ones. This toy teaches toddlers valuable skills like fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, and cause and effect. Push the toy forward to watch it take off on a kid-powered flight!

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Pretend Play

Classic vehicle toy that Inspires imaginative play. Imaginations will soar to new heights as pilots-in-training practice loops, rolls, and spins with this eco-friendly flyer. The lightweight design and tapered, easy-to-grasp body shape let even the littlest aviators ascend through flight school with ease.




Child can play on it's own, or with friends, or parents. Learning to share and take turns while playing can be challenging for young children – especially those under six – but it is a vital skill that they need to pick up during the early years.

This product is a toy. Check the toy each time before use. Dispose of it at the first sign of any damage or fragility- inform YaYa's costumer service. Adult supervision recommended. Keep away from fire. Colours and contents may vary.
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