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Lady Bird Binoculars

Let’s go on an adventure and see what we can see! Made from solid natural wood, these children’s pretend play binoculars feature two spinning kaleidoscope lenses. Inspire the young explorer!
Multi-sensory toy which stimulates a variety of senses and sparking curiosity.


1 Wooden binoculars with kaleidoscope lenses


Le Toy Van


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Pretend Play

The Binoculars stimulates imagination and role play and improves manipulative skills as the toddler pretends to be a professional researcher.
Little ones will be pros in the art exploring in no time with this scientific tool that helps them to view and explore their environment!

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Learning & Education

Toddler learns constantly in many ways, but the key methods in which they learn is through watching and observing things that are going around them, in the home and when out and about. This toy make at home learning activity. It is a great activity for kids to stay engaged, entertained, and learning outside of the classroom.

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Discover & Experiment

This toy will helps children to understand and learn about the space around them in a fun and different way and boost their thinking skills which will turn out very helpful at school and later in their everyday life.
The ergonomic shape makes it easy for kids to hold and the eye cups mold snugly on little faces.
This toy encourage STEM learning (Stem Toys are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based toys geared towards learning, curiosity, and education). Help your kids learn important concentration and observation skills starting at a young age! Open toddler's growing brain to the wonders in our world by giving him a wonderful tool for exploration.



Why is imaginative play important? Young children learn by imagining and acting out what they imagine. Studies have shown that open-ended pretend play helps build social and emotional skills, language skills, critical thinking and problem solving, and much, much more. Systematic research is increasingly demonstrating the critical need for pretend play to stimulate cognitive development in children of all ages.

This product is a toy. Check the toy each time before use. Dispose of it at the first sign of any damage or fragility- inform YaYa's costumer service. Adult supervision recommended. Keep away from fire. Colours and contents may vary.
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