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Moulin Roty Ballerina Mouse Valise

It's dress-up time! Your little one will love dressing up the lovely Prima Ballerina Mouse doll and getting her ready for her next ballet show! This adorable trunk set includes a child-safe mirror, clothes rod and shimmery outfits to dress Ballerina Mouse in.


3 dresses | 2 hangers | 1 mouse doll


Moulin Roty


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Manipulate & handle

Help Ballerina Mouse get ready for the ballet! This darling Valise opens to reveal a set of three sparkling tulle tutus, with individual tiny hangers to keep her clothes organized in the travel case. The tutus have velcro closures, so are easy to change for little hands. Changing the outfits improves fine motor skills development such as using small muscles that control the hand, fingers, and thumb.

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Imagine & Invent

Encourages storytelling and creatively problem-solve. Sharing responsibility and helping Prima Ballerina mouse to get dressed improves physical development and independence in daily activities such as brushing teeth, dressing up, etc. "Walking in someone else's shoes". This toy helps teaching an important moral development skill of empathy.

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Pretend Play

Encorages to create a world of fun, Imagination and creative play for toddler. Ballerina Mouse will dance all day. It is her passion! She is small and snuggly, too, and just adores children, so makes an excellent companion for your little one. Moulin Roty selects most of their fabrics from France and the rest from Europe because of their design and technical quality. It is an opertonaty to teach your tot about decition making. This action creates a realistic parent and child role-playing game. Dolls are a child’s friend, sometimes before they’re ready to form real human friendships.



Pretend play, of which dolls are a part, benefits all areas of development. By dressing a dolls, children enhance fine-motor skills. By assuming roles and interacting with other children, they practice language and social skills, including sharing, cooperation, helping, and problem solving. They learn the different roles people play and begin to see their own place in the world. Doll play also allows children to work through strong emotions. Doll play can be therapeutic. Sometimes children “do mean things” with dolls, such as “putting a baby in the oven.” Such behavior allows children to release tension, rather than keeping it bottled up.

This product is a toy. Check the toy each time before use. Dispose of it at the first sign of any damage or fragility- inform YaYa's costumer service. Adult supervision recommended. Keep away from fire. Colours and contents may vary.
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