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Shape & Sort

The Shape & Sort comes with 3 basic shapes: a square, triangle and circle.
This is a classic wooden toy that toddlers love – gently push the three shapes through the holes in the wooden bench and watch as they slide out!
Toddlers find it great fun to repeat the action to knock the shaped pegs through the holes.


3 bright colored wooden shapes | 1 curved bench


Plan Toys


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Manipulate & Handle

Specially designed for little hands and suitable for an easy grip. Helps to promote toddler's logic, hand-eye coordination, and improve dexterity and manipulation skills while matching the shapes to the correct holes.
Manual dexterity and concentration will improve abidingly as your tot plays.

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Discover & Experiment

The toy encourages to experiment with gravity. It helps develop cause-and-effect of grasping and releasing to boost toddler's memory, and encourage recognition of colors and shapes.

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Games & Puzzles

The simple design helps supports cognitive development and stimulates imagination and development.
This series of 3 basic 3D shapes (Square, Circle, and Triangle in yellow, green, and red) arrives in chunky pieces. Placing those shapes into the right holes is the right challenge for your toddler at this stage that promotes social interaction and learning through play. Remember, trying is the most important lesson, not succeeding.



To make playtime easier, the tray need only be pushed down for a repeat performance.
The concept of sorting shapes is incredibly simple but it is fascinating to most young kids. "The best toys are often the simplest ones because they allow children to be creative and spontaneous." says Vicki Panaccione, PhD, a child psychologist and founder of the Better Parenting Institute.

This product is a toy. Check the toy each time before use. Dispose of it at the first sign of any damage or fragility- inform YaYa's costumer service. Adult supervision recommended. Keep away from fire. Colours and contents may vary.
For more information visit Plan Toys product page:

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