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Speedy fish puzzle

A great version of a familiar game for the smaller anglers in the family. Your little fisher will enjoy catching the fish and putting them back in position with the fantastic magnetic fishing rod.


6 fish | 1 magnetic fishing rod to play fishing game




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Games & Puzzles

This magnetic wooden puzzle 2 in 1 is a great for young toddlers. Tot can use the included magnetic rod to catch the six coloured fish from the fishbowl puzzle or can have free play and use the puzzle board without the rod. The fish board game includes 6 unique, multicolored fish to catch and count! Great for toddlers learning numbers, colors, and matching.This play encourages logical thinking, problem solving, and learning through play. Wooden fishing game designed for single or multi-players to build close interaction and communication.

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Manipulate & Handle

Each fish is fitted with a metal rivet and the magnet of the fishing rod is trapped in a plastic component to make sure it doesn't come off. This fun game will also help develop tot's grip, co-ordination and imagination and great for building manipulation and dexterity.

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Imagine & Invent

Perfect for the young learners who bring their own ideas and creativity to the play. Tots will delight in acting out imaginative tales with the fish, using them as figures in a story sack and playing with them in all manner of creative games. This simple toy puzzle is a great way to spark budding imaginations as they play. Practice fishing skills or make up rules for your own game.



Another suggestion of how to play. But remember, there is no "right" way in playtime. Start when all the fish are in place. Tell the toddler, “Let’s catch the red fish!” Demonstrate by catching it. When you catch the fish, say, “I got it!”. Hold up the fish after you catch it and say its color. Ask the kiddo, “What do you know that is also red?” Repeat for all fish. When you have caught all of the fish, review one more time as you clean up. Call out different colors and have the toddle give you the fish featuring those colors.

This product is a toy. Check the toy each time before use. Dispose of it at the first sign of any damage or fragility- inform YaYa's costumer service. Adult supervision recommended. Keep away from fire. Colours and contents may vary.
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